The Hard Problem of Science

The Hard Problem of Science:  What does our experience tell us about Consciousness?

The Hard Problem of Science:
What does our experience tell us about Consciousness?

Scientist are in total conflict with regards on how to resolve and understand the "Hard problem of science".

Because of this conflict, and their shyness to adopt what consciousness really is, as outlined below,
they are now drifting towards “Panpsychism” in angst  to solve the "Hard Problem of Science".
They are adopting the idea that matter is conscious, and even rocks have an essence of consciousness,
and proto consciousness, they say, maybe an atom.
But this is a deluded path, as the underlying assumptions remains false, so the error is propagated through
to whatever assumptions are made thereafter.

Let’s examine and see why it’s a problem, and then logically see it from the perspective of our experience,
rather than from philosophy or through religion or some belief system we may have.

Are the following statements true?

There is nothing in our experience other than the knowing of it.
It’s impossible to experience something other than the knowing of your experience.

Could you ever know anything other than the knowing of your experience?
Someone might say yes, take for example  the  "wonder", but you would need to say:
Is there anything to the experience of "wonder" other than the knowing of it?

Is this just a play of words?

Well No, just reflect on this

We are really made of knowing!

Is there any experience of space, matter and time other than the knowing of it?

Everything we experience is through our perceptions and sensations which is through our mind,
our human brain, and there is only the knowing of it. Our Body is also an image in our mind,
as is everything in the world of form.

But we are bought up to believe matter is outside of consciousness, and independent of consciousness.

We still want to believe in the fairy tale that matter came first, together with space and time.
The Big Bang first, then evolution takes over, matter evolves, creating the forces of nature, and over time,
billions upon billions of years and lots of  evolution with specific chemical reactions and configurations of matter,
consciousness blossoms (awareness of awareness) and then here we are.  

From this we falsely, also conclude that consciousness is totally local and is created  in some region
of brain we are yet to discover.

There is now a slight shift in the paradigm, as we are starting to declare that all matter has a characteristic
of proto-consciousness, and hence pursuing towards the dead end of “Panpsychism”

All in all, all this is the Religion of Materialism, and its it outdated, and has been for over 2,500 years.

We stick to this old paradigm, because we feel science and our intellect has provided us a better lifestyle
and solved many problems through  “The Industrial Revolution” and, “The  Age of Reason using the  Scientific Method”.
We believe science will also one day solve “consciousness” and explain it using the “Laws of Physics”.

Others may cling to this false paradigm because we have a distaste to the world’s religions and the suffering they may  have caused.
This I understand, but paradoxically all the world’s religions started with the non-dualist model of reality,
but because of human ignorance and failings to understand what consciousness really is, religion institutions have
added so much layer of dogma that they have become no different to the Religion of Materialism.

The understanding of consciousness can best be explained by the metaphor of a room with objects in it.
What part of the room is the essence of the room ?
Which part of  the room can never be destroyed? 
Which part of the room never changes and remains intact at all time?
Which part of the room can be configured  in a specific way that creates the room?

It’s the space in the room.
The space in the room is analogous to our awareness of awareness if you like,
which is also the experience between two thoughts for example.

Where do you go when you ask yourself “Am I Aware”?

You don’t go to the sensations in your heart, or feet, or other  sensations in your body,
or your thoughts you are having, or any perceptions using your senses.
In fact, you go nowhere. It’s a unique Experience.  
This  part of you is also present in dreamless sleep , and present when your dead,
unless you have entered another realm of experience.

Ask yourself when you are having a dream, whether the objects you handle in your dream have
mass and weight, and are they of made of atoms?  I certainly have experience in my dreams that the objects I handle have mass and weight.

This process or evolution of the universe and life is all happening within our minds,
and consciousness is modulated through our minds,
thus what we observe and measure we experience through our filtered mind only.

"The Laws of Physics" should then  be upgraded to the "Laws of Mind".  
No laws of Physics are broken, what we experience and observe is correct, but there is no matter, space, and time, outside of us, 
and matter is neither  conscious or unconscious.
There is only consciousness, and our minds modulate consciousness to form the experience of the objective world.

Consciousness comes first, the Awareness of being Aware, the ever-present eternal part of us,
which is what we are made of, is our  true nature. matter, space and time and our bodies,
our thoughts, perceptions and sensations are manifestation of consciousness modulated  through mind.  

Not the other way around.

In Summary Consciousness is:

that in which all experience appears.
that with which all experience is known.
that in which all experience is made of.

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