MinksInSync Services

We develop cross-platform industrial strength software solutions to
help businesses and individuals achieve their desired results.

What is Crossplatform development ?

Cross-platform development is the practice of developing software products or services for multiple platforms or software environments.

Our Engineers use various methods to accommodate different operating systems, multiple devices and environments for one application or product solution.

Dropshipping & eCommerce Mentorship

Start and scale your online store

Did you know that many dropshipping stores struggle to get a single order?
With our innovative mentorship you can start and scale your online store to the next level in days.
Our mentorship includes finding the winning products, high-converting ads and auto-pilot mode in order fulfillment.

Fully Operational Dropshipping Stores
Niche Selection
Theme Selection
Store Logo Design
Store Design
Image Selection and Optimization
Payment Gateway
Virtual Assistant Setup
Order Fulfilment Setup
Facebook AD Consulting
Google AD Consulting
Data Analytics
Consultancy and Recommendations

Web Development

Web apps and sites to help you grow

With constant advancements in the technologies, we help you to stay ahead of your competitors.
We build Web Apps that can help you  grow your business, so as to get your more customers and be a delight to your existing customers.
Let us help you build better solutions for your problems.
We handle simple Web Applications to  complex Web software  requiring  complex database transactions.
We can help you to plan, execute and deploy in the right time.

WordPress Customization, migration, technical support and maintenance
Drupal theme and modules development, migration, upgrade
Laravel Powered Web Apps
API Integration
Graphic Design
Image Optimization
Logo Design
Image Sourcing and Optimization
SSL Integration and all Website Security
Website Caching Optimization
Data Analytics
SQL Database Setup, Support and Configuration
Backend and Front End Support
Dedicated Technical Support

Search Engine Optimization

Show your site on search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your business to visible on the internet.
SEO takes time, and we recommend search engine marketing or AD campaigns if you are looking for quick results.
For SEO we focus on “White Hat SEO” which brings you the best results over time.
With our SEO services, your online presence will have the potential to reach  its peak as more and more visitors
will reach your site, creating more prospects and sales.

Search Engine Submission
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
AMP setup
High-quality link building
Set up Data Analytics
Install Google Analytics
User-Friendly URLs
Craft Relevant Meta Titles
Title Tag Optimization
Alt Text for Images
Link to Relevant Sites
Inbound Links
Assist in Social Media Sharing
Monthly reports

Digital and Content Marketing

Compelling, creative, and persuasive content

You need compelling, creative and persuasive content for your website, blog and marketing campaigns.
We make sure our content reaches the right audience and increases the conversion.
In every social media platform organic reach is becoming impossible to get.
With years of experience we could help you to reach your potential customers with a click of a button.
We market in multiple channels to retarget effectively and get more customers.

Content strategy
Marketing Copywriting
Editing & Proofreading
Digital Marketing Strategy
Search engine Optimization
Keyword Generation
Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Graphic Design Services.
eCommerce and Digital Strategy
Website Optimization (CRO)
Copywriting & SEO Content Strategy
Advertisement Campaign Management
Website Migration Support

Medical KPO

Services in the medical field

We can help you with clinical trial protocol design, Post Marketing Surveillance PMS, health articles, 
social media management and promotion in medical field.
Powering the health care We are a team of health care professionals and IT experts.
This is the place where technologies and research get SYNChronized.
From academic projects to ground-breaking medical research, we are happy to help with our knowledge and experience.

Journal publishing
Proof reading and editing
Academic writing
Post Marketing Surveillance studies
Clinical Trials protocols designing
Article review

Software Application Development

Software to solve your required solutions

With the right technologies your dreams can become a reality.
We offer consultation to everyone who has an idea but wondering where to start.
Whether it is a simple mobile app or a software-as-a-service product we are here to guide you from day one.
We develop cross-platform and industrial strength software to solve your required solutions.

Full Stack Software Development
SAAS Software Development Projects
Cross Platform Development
Client Server Development
Web Application Development
Mobile APP Development
SQL Database Integration
Blockchain Product Development
Market Validation

Cloud Web Services

All your Services in the Cloud

With modern technologies, every company is moving to the cloud.
Our Amazon and Azure DevOps are certified to combine cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity:
evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

Virtual IT Infrastructure‎
Cloud Computing Data Sharing and Backup
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services‎
Amazon Cloud Services‎
Client Server Solutions
RESTful Web Services
SOAP Web Services
Cloud Services Consultancy

Hosting / Internet Security

Secure your Devices and Protect your Privacy

We offer great consultation depending on your business size, what hosting will be best for your business.
Our hosting solution team is ever ready to assist you get a new hosting or migrate from one hosting to another.
We also discuss with you best options for securing your website.
Internet security and data privacy is very important, and we are ready to help you apply the best in your business.

SSL Integration
Computer Security Consultation 
Internet Security Consultation 
Web Security Consultation 
Cloud Security Consultation 
General Cyber Health Check
Security Product Recommendations
Cybersecurity Threat Awareness

Personalized I.T Consultation

The right choice to achieve your goals

The needs and goals of different businesses vary greatly.
A consultation with either our Digital Marketing Consultant,
Product Software Engineer, Web Designer, eCommerce Drop Shipping Mentorship/Consultancy,
Graphic Designer, IT Security Consultant
or our Senior Skilled Programmers will help set you on the right choice to achieve your goals.

Business Analysis Consultation 
Software Project Specification 
Project Rescue and Recommendations 
Free One Hour Consultation