Do you want to be Happy, Succeed and remain Happy?

How Fundamental is being Aware of your Awareness?

Have you tried meditating on the experience of “Being Aware of Being Aware” or are you always lost in your entangled thoughts believing you are those thoughts, sensations and perceptions?

If you are not practising “Being Aware of Being Aware” as often as possible then maybe you are missing out on the most important concept,  or message about human existence. Practising Mindfulness Meditation or Loving-Kindness Meditation and the associated benefits are well proven. These practices are a significant start, but they are not as powerful when compared to practising Meditating on “Being Aware of Being Aware”, the highest possible form of Meditation.

Sinking the mind into the heart of “Being Aware of Being Aware” is a unique experience because it does not involve meditation on any object such as mantra, breath or any thought.

This process is called the Direct Path to self realization. It was always available but has been misunderstood for over 2,500 simply because there is no language to describe it. If you think you know it, you have misunderstood it, but its the source of love, peace, harmony, creativity, intuition, happiness and everything. Our conditioning and our obsession with the world of material objects has made us hidden from it. 

Ask yourself the question “Are you Aware?”
Examine where you go when you ask such a question.

Ask yourself also “What exists between two thoughts” ?

On all cases your answer should be nothing or you don’t know!
It cannot be a feeling,  and it obviously cannot be thought, or an emotion or sensation or perception. If it’s one of these objects then you are not doing it right!

The experience I am referring to has to be objectless. 

A less direct path maybe to ask the question “Who Am I” ?

Normally we refer to this experience as “I”.  The “I’ is the name we give to that which is aware of our experience, but we don’t realize its the  source of existence and creation.  It’s the unchanging element that runs consistently though all our experience. 

I am not calling it God, because the word “God” is treated as an object, as if its something made of matter, or exists in space or time. Its better name is the One Infinite Pure Awareness and we are made of it.

To help Meditate  around “Being Aware of Being Aware”, focus on the spaces between each thought, making them longer and longer. Reduce the chatter in your mind, and start using thinking only when necessary. Simply said, but extremely difficult, but it’s a start!

Ever wondered why some people are naturals, they succeed, they get what they want, they touch ideas and it happens, they heal easily, they are not depressed, they survive easily. They don’t age quickly; they are naturally present, happy and centred.  Like every possible shade from dark to light, some are closer to the lighter shade, and maybe without knowing it. These people are much closely connected to the source of true happiness.

Mystics, Sages and Saints for over 2,500 years have claimed consistently there is nothing but Awareness, and we are created out of this Awareness. This One Shared Awareness when modulated through our mind creates Space, Time, Matter, hence our perceptions, our sensations, our thoughts, the birth of the illusionary ego which becomes the finite conscious experience of our world.

This is exactly the conclusion one arrives when understanding the implications of Quantum Physics if you take the time to understand it. Specifically understanding Non-Locality and the significance of the Observer is a start. Furthermore, understanding Special and General Theory of Relativity,  (Nature of Light and Interstellar Black Holes) and the singularity problem where the Laws of Physics break down clearly supports the Non-Dualist model of reality which is over 2,500 years old.

But why do we ignore this, when this model of existence has been repeated and repeated through the generations?  Is it because some of us have a distaste towards the world’s religions ? Maybe preferring in to have faith in the materialistic model world view that has worked well in creating the technology that has improved our lives.  Or is it laziness to comprehend what is good for us? Or are we just attached to the current status quo, the current world view and the daily habits of our mainstream existence? Or is it just counter-intuitive?

Clearly the Laws of Physics are just “Laws of MIND”, which describe how Awareness when modulated through our mind creates Space, Time, Matter and all experience.

A small number of clued up Scientist are in total agreement with this model of reality, (Called non-dualism , idealism or  biocentrism) but most ignorantly still adopt the materialistic model.  In this outdated  fairy tale model, we still believe Space, Time and Matter comes first, then through time, evolution creates creatures that develop better brains and then these better brains develop consciousness, they become self-aware, they then claim consciousness is just a brain function, ignoring all the other evidence against it.

This materialistic world view is responsible for the feeling of separateness we have and feel, the epidemic feeling of loneliness, the mental illness and depression are a result of being unconscious to the awareness.

Ultimately, ts counter-intuitive because Scientist want to use the “Laws of Physics”, and the predictive capabilities of science to describe how Consciousness works, and then solve all the human problems of mind at this level.  But if Awareness through “Laws of Mind” creates the world of experience it’s a tough problem and made worst if we stick to the “Religion of Materialism” as a basis for the model of reality.

The initial error propagates through to all other conclusions we make not allowing us to arrive at sensible answers.  Any predictive capabilities are thwarted, as was the geocentric model of reality, as well as the earlier flat earth model world view.

All this is known as the “Hard Problem of Science” which has the simple question “What is consciousness ?” But remember no “Laws of Physics” are broken, these Laws should be upgraded to “Laws of Mind”.

In summary consciousness  is best described as follows.

Consciousness is that in which all experience appears.
Consciousness is that with which all experience is known.
Consciousness is that in which all experience is made of.

The third  statement is counter-intuitive because “Objects don’t have existence, existence has objects”. Your body and the world are an image in your mind.

There is nothing out there independent of your consciousness. Period. 

So, what does your experience tell you?

Certainly, all the following statements must be true.
“There is nothing in our experience other than the knowing of it.”
“It’s impossible to experience something other than the knowing of your experience.”
“It’s the light of awareness that renders or illuminates all experience knowable!”
“In essence, we are made of knowing”

“It is impossible to experience the appearance of awareness.
We are that awareness to which such an appearance would occur.
We have no experience of a beginning to the awareness that is seeing these words.We have no experience of its birth. We have no experience that we, awareness is born at any time.

Likewise, in order to claim legitimately that awareness dies, something would have to be present to experience its disappearance.
Have we ever experienced the disappearance of awareness?
If we think the answer is, ‘Yes’, then what is it that is present and aware to experience the apparent disappearance of awareness?

Whatever that is, it must be aware and present. It must be awareness.
When we are born or when we wake in the morning, we have the experience of the appearance of objects.
When we die and when we fall asleep at night, unless we dream or fall into new world of objects,
we will have the experience of the disappearance of objects.
However, we have no experience that we, awareness, appears, is born, or disappears or dies.”

Becoming aware of “being aware of being aware” as often as possible is the only true path to Happiness, Success and Peace beyond what can be experienced in other way.

Any questions, around clarity please let me know!

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