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From developing holistic eCommerce strategies to helping you with copywriting, no project is too large or small. We focus hard in looking at the big picture for you with the aim of “Start-up” to “Scale-up”. We will listen to your thoughts carefully and propose our solutions in agile model that makes room for continuous improvement and integration. From creating your brand name, logo, selecting the ecommerce platform, look and feel of your store that reflects your true core values, finding and adding products, marketing and getting your sale – our experts will be under your service and deliver the top notch quality output. We continue working with our clients after launching and promoting an online store to increase the sales and scale up the business in cost-effective approach.

Meet our Team and Partners

Mario Bartholomew Sanguineti

BSc, Hons (I), MSc

MinksInSync Founder and CTO

Mario’s Linkedin Profile

Experienced and accomplished Software Product Architect, Engineering Manager/Lead with General Manager/Business Development experience together with Entrepreneurial Aspirations targeting challenging CTO Roles.

I enjoy designing and developing industrial strength software solutions by managing teams to solve real world problems, together with spending time with customers to create the ideal customer satisfaction.

There is in me a strong capacity to work with all clients, foster relationships, and liaise with senior executives, Business Partners, Founders, Technical Teams, Clients/End Users, and all stakeholders to develop functional strategies and plans and provide specialist advice on business development, product development, concept design, and direction of new strategic ventures.

Customer obsession and ability in delivering the customer’s solution, and the stakeholder’s vision is my proven attribute.

I enjoy developing / producing software products with purpose and having them go to market. With the energy and enthusiasm to take product or companies through the “Start-Up to Scale-Up” process to achieve and create profitable and head turning results.

After over 15 years as Software Engineer Developing a large and successful SaaS products from Civil/Structural Engineering to Internet Networking Engineering, I took on an exploratory entrepreneurial journey to enhance my career and skills, mentoring and training, sharing knowledge as well as Fast Tracking to learn new technologies and be exposed to multiple challenges.

During the entrepreneurial journey of the last 5-6 years, I took on multiple roles, as a Consultant, CTO roles, both Product and Software Architect and other leading roles.

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